The Future Is Up To Us – Stream Jam 3 Performance

We had our Stream Jam 3 on Twitch October 22, 2020 as part of our streamed concert series at Moorpark College. I have to say, doing concerts remotely is pretty great, as the chat is half the fun.

Artistically, I am personally invested in voter advocacy this particular election, but I don’t think that will change for me in the future either.

This is the first year as a professor that I have been very proactive in encouraging students to register, have engaged in dialogue with them about California propositions, and in general wanted to take more responsibility and interest in civic engagement.

The performance came right during the crunch time of getting students to register to vote. This piece was created for them, with the aim to model live electronic performance possibilities using Ableton Live, OSC, and a variety of methods to shape sound as an embodied performer. Borrowing from the last line of the recent Enola Holmes movie, The Future Is Up To Us.

While it lasts, here is the whole Twitch stream. If you have an account, log in to see the chat.

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