For Pierrot ensemble: f, cl (bcl), vn, vc, perc, pf

Premiered by International Contemporary Ensemble (2004), Queens College Graduate Composers Concert, LeFrak Concert Hall – Flushing, NY

Cassia is an aromatic spice that, among other uses, is an ingredient for anointing oil.  Having an interest in the rich history of anointing, I love how it is a tradition mainly associated with vitality and potential.  This piece is meant to be a celebration of things that are ennobling, constructive, and beneficial to growth and enrichment.  As such, I wanted to write something that not only comes alive aurally, but also requires a bit of physical nimbleness for performance.  I am increasingly drawn to durational issues and how rhythm can be used to create a sense of motion or stasis.  In this piece I am conscientious of the interplay between sparse and rich textures, brittle and lush timbres, and abrupt dynamic and rhythmic contrasts.